my octopus

my octopus

first time I arrived in Paris I was welcomed by this little fellow… since then we never kept long apart

2012 is going to be THE year for the Reds!

Yesterday Barry Larkin was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He played his whole career for the Cincinnati Reds, I love players that have such a loyalty to one team! Like Colt’s player Payton Manning for example. Such players often turn out to be great teammates.

This election is actually only the first thrill we Reds fan will have this year. Great opening for the year 2012, but I know that the finish will be even greater, as I’m sure the Cincinnati Reds will end up the season with a World Series title!

Stay tuned!

2012, here I come!

Happy New Year everybody!

Since I-kinda-have-the-flue-but-am-still-working-even-thought-there-is-not-much-to-do-because-it’s-the-first-week-of-the-year, I’m taking the time to wish everybody a happy new year! As you can see, the year started just perfectly for me!

Everyone knows that this year is going to be better than next year and even better than the year before!  So let’s not wast any time with that, because we all know that 2012 is going to be the year the Reds will win the World Series

Well I for one decided not to take any new year resolutions ’cause I wouldn’t be able to keep them anyways! But I still made a sort of wish list for 2012.

The main one would be to go back to the Unites States in general and to Great American Ballpark in particular😉 My internship ending in May, I would say that the timing is perfect. I might just need to win the lottery, no problemo! I’ll start to buy tickets tomorrow and with my luck I should be set financially for May 2012!

See y’all in May!

Baseball predictions for 2012 —> Joe Sheehan

Seems about right, I’m for sure ready for it!


10. The Reds will win the World Series.The AL has, arguably, the five best teams in baseball. The NL has that kind of parity at the top, though at a lower level of performance. In a short series, though, that doesn’t really matter — and we’ll see that again in 2012, as the Reds, winners of a weak NL Central, ride the bats of Joey Votto and Jay Bruce into the World Series, where rookie catcher Devin Mesoraco and a deep bullpen dispatch Texas in six games. The Rangers, winners of 94 regular-season games and the AL West, become just the third team — and the first since 1913 — to lose three straight Fall Classics.



Staying or not staying that’s the big question?

Mr. LeCure pitching

You miss it, I miss it! For us baseball fans the period between October and March is just too long!

I don’t know what you do to make these between the season-times less insufferable, well, I look at my old pictures and watch the videos I took last season. Not the same I know, but good enough.

Since I’m a really nice person, I’ll share with you some of them and wish y’all to have a nice waiting time until Thursday April 5, 2012 4:10pm😉

By clicking here you can watch my first (short) video of our wonderful pitcher: Sam LeCure at Wrigley Field on May 6th 2011.

Hope the Cards lose tonight!

I love how no one really cares about the #Rangers winning as much as they would really enjoy to see the #Cardinals loosing tonight!

Yes Paris is stache friendly!

” Life is a mustache, curl it! “

I found this very interesting quote on a wall near the Sacré Coeur in Paris and immediately thought this could become the new motto for our friend Sam Le Cure.

Actually it looses a lot in the translation because there is a double, even a triple meaning! But the only thing you actually need to know is that Paris is a very stach-friendly town! @mrLeCure you need to come visit!

This one is an ad, that I found on my way to work and it says “everything is allowed”

Is “Frenchy” French?

Now that I live in Paris and that my internship has started, I sadly don’t have that much time to write new entries in my blog.

BUT last night when I came home, I got lost – again (I always get lost in Paris, don’t ask me why, I don’t know!) – and crossed the path of the “rue Francoeur” and  remembered that I wanted to write about Jeff Francoeur for a while. Someone was sending me a sign, I had to act on it!

The fact that Jeff Francoeur’s nickname is “Frenchy” makes him indeed a perfect topic for this blog. Let’s see if he deserves the French label!

Francoeur is actually a composed of two parts: “franc” which means : frank, open, honest and “coeur” which is the French word for heart.

Last names have very often a nickname as an origin. Francoeur is often a nickname for a generous open-hearted person. I don’t know Jeff Francoeur so I can’t say if his last name is fitting or not. One thing for sure it’s a hell of a last name and I hope he wear it proudly!

Jay the Bruce

I saw this last night and was really thrilled for Jay Bruce especially because since last May when he was named NL player of the month he kinda hit a rough patch (if you can consider being selected to the 2011 All Star Game as such). So I was really happy for him!

And then I was like, WAIT A MINUTE! His last name is Bruce, if this isn’t French then what is!!! How stupid I’ve been, this didn’t occur to me before last night!

Sooo is our great hitter Jay Bruce indeed from French origin?

Bruce meaning and name origin (via several websites):

Bruce \b-ru-ce\ as a boy’s name is pronounced brooce. It is of Norman French origin. Transferred use of the Scottish surname. Originally referring to the town of Brix in France and by extension became a Norman baronial name. The De Bruys (later De Bruce)  were an influential Norman family in Scottish affairs in the early Middle Ages. De Bruys was one of the followers of William the Conqueror, and fought at the battle of Hastings in 1066.

The tale of the most famous member of the Bruce family, Robert “the Bruce”, King of Scotland in the 14th Century, who watched and learned the value of perseverance from a spider repeatedly climbing up again after being knocked down, has become a part of the world’s folklore. This great man achieved independence from England and became the King of Scotland in 1306.

Jay Bruce was born in the very French sounding town of Beaumont in Texas No evidence of French ancestors but when you read the origin of the Bruce family, I find it fitting with the man. Hard fighting knight, perseverance, influence, a man archiving great things; all qualities that could also be attributed to Jay Bruce.

So even if I can’t confirm that Bruce is from French descent, I can still assert that he is be very worthy of it. He is in my opinion 100% French-approved!